Monday, April 15, 2013

Vacation and letters.

I've been meaning to blog more lately, but when we got a new computer and my blog password wasn't saved... I couldn't log in.
Luckily, that's not the problem now :)
I missed blogging.
**WARNING** this is the longest blog post I've written so far...

We just got back from a 10 day vacation on Saturday.
To say that it was the best vacation I can ever remember would be an understatement.
I don't think I realized how much I needed this vacation, and I definitely didn't realize how much good it would do for my emotional well-being.

I was having some blood pressure issues and was honestly feeling very depressed before we left.
I know that a lot of those issues can lead back to my pregnancy hormones making me feel that way... but while I was on vacation and since I have been back I haven't had those issues.

I feel calm and collected. Maybe I needed to get away from the everyday and have a change in scenery.

I believe the difference that this vacation had on me was so significant and it was such a blessing that I was able to get away with my family. Both my sweet parents were there with us, cooked us meals, and my wonderful mother made sure I was able to take it easy (for the baby's sake of course :)) They really helped to make this vacation a relaxing and enjoyable one.

The big difference I believe was the fact that my sweet husband was able to be there with me. It's the longest vacation we've ever had together. We went away for a week on our honeymoon and went to the beach for a week 2 times last year. This was the best vacation ever. If you didn't know it, I truly have the most wonderful husband in the entire universe. I still haven't figured out why God blessed me with such a wonderful husband and father. I will continue to thank the Lord for blessing me with him. He has been especially supportive of me during this pregnancy (just as he was with the first) and has been so helpful to me around the house. He helps me to relax and does many many household chores for me so that I don't have to worry or exhaust myself. He is such a wonderful father to our sweet little boy. He listens to me and genuinely cares about how I feel and what I have to say. He is my best friend. I love him more than I can describe.

The most amazing thing for me on this vacation usually occured in the evening, sometimes during the day, and a few times in the morning.
It was the most special moment and feeling.
I was able to walk with my husband and son down the beach holding hands.
Robert was unsteady the first day or so in the sand walking, so he wanted you to hold his hand.
Once he got the hang of it, he loved walking and running in the sand.
But during those special times everyday he would come up to Jordan and I and just grab our hands. If Jordan and I were holding hands, he would come and take them apart and hold one of each of our hands. It was during these walks that I felt complete and utter happiness. I could talk with my best friend, enjoy the beautiful beach, and hold hands with the sweetest little boy in the world. It's a memory I hope to always have and hold dear to my heart.
It was on this vacation that I decided that I wanted to start a journal for Robert and for baby Paul to have. I want to write down everything about Robert at the stages he is going through and one for Paul now and after he is born. I feel awful that I have neglected to start this. It would be amazing just to be able to go back and read all the things Robert was doing, saying, and learning at the different times in his life since he was born... But, better late than never.

I would start with a letter something like this:

To my sweet baby Robert,
Since the first moment I held you in my arms you had my heart. I loved you before I met you, but nothing can every replace the feeling the first time your daddy put you in my arms and I kissed your beautiful face. You have brought more joy to me and your father than we ever thought possible.
You were such a sweet newborn baby. You were always trying to grow up too fast. You held your head up off my chest while we were still in the hospital. You rolled over from your back to your stomach when you were just a week old. You held eye contact with people as just a tiny baby and captivated them with your beautiful blue eyes and sweet smile. You had the sweetest cry. You were such a happy baby and never cried much. You loved when people held you and have always been a "people person."
You didn't sleep through the night till you were 2 months old. We were at your great-grandmother's house in Tennessee for Thanksgiving. Your grandaddy rocked you to sleep and you slept for 7 hours! You made your mama so very happy! :)
You celebrated your first Christmas at 3 months. You were still so tiny, but played with the baby toys your grandparents got you.
You started to grow much too fast. You were so smart at such a young age. You were a tiny thing and only weighed 11 lbs at 4 months old.
At 5 months you had your first baby food. Carrots and peas were your favorite. The first time you had applesauce at 6 months you squished your sweet face as though it was just too sour.9-*+
 You started crawling backwards at 7 months. We took a vacation to Florida with your grandparents and uncle Adam when you were just 7 1/2 months. You loved the beach. The birds especially entertained you one day while you were sitting under the umbrella on the beach with your grandaddy and granny. They fed the birds and you laughed and laughed. You were so sweet.
When you had just turned 8 months old you finally figured out how to crawl forwards. There was no stopping you then! You crawled all over the house and kept your mommy and daddy busy chasing after you!
When you were just 9 months we took a trip to Gulf Shores with your Mimi, Pawpaw, and your Aunt Mackenzie. We were there for your Daddy's 25th birthday. You were really just starting to like cars and roll them around. You were so much fun!
You didn't have any teeth till you were 10 months old. You got your first tooth at your great-grandmother's house in Tennessee. We took a trip there with your Great Aunt Renea and your cousin Emily. Emily was pregnant with Avery then. You ran a high fever and got a strange rash, but you also got your first tooth. Your daddy was disappointed he wasn't there when your very first tooth came in.
At 11 months we took our first trip without Daddy to the beach. We stayed a week with Granny, Grandaddy, and Uncle Adam and had a lot of fun. You ate the sand and loved to dig in it and throw it everywhere. One day we fed the birds and you ate the bread Granny was throwing out for them. You were so silly! You first started walking while only holding on with one hand while we were at the beach. Your daddy wasn't able to go with us, and we really missed him being there!
You took your first steps on your own the first week of September before your first birthday. You were so cute and we were so proud. Mommy found out she was expecting a new baby the week before your first birthday.
We celebrated your first birthday with a lot of people! It was a huge party with all your family and friends. You had 4 great-grandparents, all four grand parents there to celebrate and many great-aunts and uncles! You were one blessed little boy! You got more toys than you could ever play with! You were so cute when you ate your chocolate cake! We loved watching you cover your face with cake and blue frosting!
When you were just 13 1/2 months old we took you on your first camping trip. We went camping down at Indian Springs state park for the weekend. We visited Dauset trails and had lots of fun chasing you around the campground! You were so much fun!
At 14 months old we celebrated Thanksgiving at your great-grandparent Gray's and Stubblefield's house. We had lots to eat!! The weekend after Thanksgiving we took you on a trip to Atlanta. We went to see Mannheim Steamroller in Concert with your Granny, Grandaddy, Uncle Adam, and Aunt Angela (she wasn't your aunt yet). We had a nice time eating at the Varsity and walking around Centennial Park. We took a ride up the glass elevator at the Peachtree Plaza hotel. We saw the sunset on the skyline of Atlanta. It was so beautiful. You loved the concert! You have always loved Mannheim Steamroller. Your Grandaddy got your started on their music at a very young age.
We found out before you were 15 months old that you were going to be a big brother to a sweet baby boy! 
At 15 months, we celebrated your 2nd Christmas. You had lots of presents to open! (We saved your birthday presents and you opened them at Christmas) You had just recovered from a stomach virus, and Mommy and Daddy were both sick on Christmas. You were still so cute with all your presents!
At 16 months you had yet another stomach virus (3 in less than 2 months). You passed them all onto your pregnant mommy and we both were pitiful for a few days! We started talking more to you about your new baby brother. Your vocabulary was really growing. You started saying "Bubba" when we said brother.
At 17 months you came up to your mommy's belly and hugged her saying "Baby". It was so sweet!
At 18 months now, you are so much fun!
You love cars and anything with wheels.
You have a large vocabulary.
Your favorite words are juice, music, shoes, cheese, moon, and star. (You use these words ALL the time)
You've most recently started to use Please and Thank You all the time. It's so hard not to give you whatever you ask for, because it's almost always followed with a "peas" (please). You are so much fun.
You love to play hide and seek.
You love to sing and you love it when people sing to you. You have loved the singing at church since you were just a few weeks old. You can follow a tune and love to sing with us.
Your favorite song right now "God made the big round sun, God made the tall tall trees, God made the birds that fly, and God made me." You always do the hand signals and sing "made me" at the end. You are so sweet! You love "This little light of mine" and holding your finger up to let your light shine.
Your mommy and Daddy love you so much. You love to copy everything your daddy does and says. We love watching you grow everyday. You are so smart and we can't wait to see how you will be with your little brother!
We love you so much!!
-Your biggest fan.