Monday, August 26, 2013

Family Devo

We've been having family Devo time for awhile at night. Usually after bath time and right before bed. We have the family sit down together and read from God's word, Sing songs, and say prayers.
For a while we have been just reading different passages and explaining them to Robert.
I usually have a devo time in the mornings where we sit down and devote more time to one specific subject.
We decided that we are going to start spending one week on a specific subject. We will focus that week on repetition of that passage and the significance it has on our life.
One of Robert's favorite readings is of the Creation.
This week we are going to spend time on Genesis 1:1-2:3
We are going to have a coloring page, and a craft for the subject and make sure we emphasize that particular subject.
Children are never too young to learn. Paul is hearing everything we are saying and learning our family dynamic every day at just 3 months old!
It's amazing to me what Robert can remember just by telling him a few times.
I'm going to try to use my blog as a scrapbook of sorts for our family Devo. I want to share what Robert is learning and have it all documented for later.
I cherish our Devo time at night and I look forward to it for many years to come.
It helps to bring peace in our family and draw us closer together.
 "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,  that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." -2 Timothy 3:16-17

Life in Pictures

We are so blessed!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

First Family Vacation

We've had the best time this weekend. It's been a very pleasant vacation. I don't know that we are quite ready to face the "real world" coming home tomorrow. Glad we had the chance to make some happy memories as a family. I can't believe Paul is three months old today! He had his first trip to the beach on the day he turned three months! Such wonderful times!