Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday #2

Today is the last day I have before we leave for our 11 day beach vacation! It's going to be a busy day!

As I look outside my window:::
The sky is cloudy, as we are expecting some rain tonight. It is beautiful with the pink hue of the sun coming up. Such a beautiful reminder of God's creation.

Right now I am:::
About to bake some cornbread. It is going to get hot this afternoon and I don't want to turn my oven on in the heat of the day. The boys are still sleeping, and I wanted to get my blogging and cooking done before they are under my feet. 

Thinking and pondering:::
All the things that I need to be getting done today. We have to pack for a long trip, and I'm cooking for Monday for the Master tonight. I also have to get my bathrooms cleaned, I really don't like coming home to a dirty house from vacation. I've got a long to-do list today to get the house in decent order before we leave. 

On my bedside table:::
I just finished reading the first four books in the "Love comes softly" series by Jeanette Oke. I'm looking forward to the next few books on my vacation!
Listening to:::
The quietness of the house. The fish tank's water is making a beautiful waterfall sound.

On the menu for this week:::
Beans and cornbread tonight, then the rest of this week we will be in a condo in Gulf Shores. I'm looking forward to all the yummy food!
On my to do list:::
Too much to list for today..
Happening this week:::
We are beach bound early in the morning! I can't wait!!

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Nothing this week. Working on creating memories.

My simple pleasure:::
This week will be the sound of the waves and the sand between my toes.
 Homemaking tips:::
Deep clean your bathrooms once a week. Wipe down the counters at least every other day. But do a good scrub down at least once a week. Trust me, it's worth it.

Looking around the house:::

Is reminding me that I have A LOT to do today.
From the camera:::
This was taken on my Daddy's phone. That is me holding the most beautiful nephew in the universe right there. He was just born about an hour and a half before this picture. I love this baby boy so much. I would go grab him the moon and bring it down to him if I could reach it. He is such a joy. I love him! Does anyone else feel this way about their niece/nephew??

Bible verse, Devotional:::  
  This week I want to focus on Proverbs 31. I've gotten a little sidetracked in my housekeeping this past week and I need some encouragement. I know that a vacation from it will bring a wonderful and new perspective, but I want to focus on how God would have me glorify Him in my home.

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