Friday, April 4, 2014


I am trying out a new way to post. I am using a blogger app on my ( new to me) iPhone. 
I haven't blogged much lately, and I'm really missing it.
I wanted to share a few things Robert has been saying/doing lately that are so cute. 
The other night I made some Asian chicken thighs and steamed cabbage. Robert was so funny! His Daddy told him to eat his food. He replied " I don't like it" and pointed to his cabbage. He was so funny.
Now when he gets a spanking, which is actually becoming rare these days (yay!), he is saying "you hurt me". Which then makes me want to laugh. 
He is just growing so fast!!
He has learned to count to five with objects. He has been able to count to 10 for awhile... But now he lines up all his cars, animals, food, etc.. And counts it. It is so sweet. Now, just have to keep working on him with the alphabet.
His vocabulary is growing everyday!! It's always fun to hear what new thing he is going to say.
He's starting to grow out of nap time. He will usually go to sleep for a nap whenever I lay down with him. (Which is actually what I am doing as I type... He's just starting to snore and I'm hoping to sneak out and get some housework done). He always says, "mama lay down in this bed." 
Who can resist that??? The dirty house can wait a little longer. He is going to be grown soon and not want his Mama around.
I enjoy a clean house, but I have to remind myself that my children are growing too quickly. I want to cherish these years while they are still young and love me :) 
Robert is such a big helper. He is always helping me clean, and playing with Paul. 
I just love to catch them together playing

Well I think he is asleep enough for me to sneak out and get some cleaning done.
Until next time,

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